Asset protection in Russia


Dmitriy Sidorov

Head of international practice department

Phone: +7 (965) 396-33-28

  • Specialist in corporate law, inheritance law, real estate transactions;
  • Has a diploma of additional higher education in the specialty of translator in the field of professional communication;
  • Has the Cambridge certificate of professional legal language "ILEC";
  • English common law certificate (University of London);
  • Introduction to American law certificate (University of Pennsylvania).

      In the current turbulent politico-economic landscape, preserving wealth and property is becoming more and more difficult daily. A seemingly unending line of crises is shifting asset holders’ goals from profiting to safeguarding.
      Our lawyers specializing in Legal Protection of Assets in Russia are able to assist with an array of services, centered around your property in Russia; be it real estate, company shares or any other valuables or property.

      One of the biggest obstacles to effective protection and management of any property is the inability to travel to Russia due to the closed airspace and sanctions. In such situation property is less secure and therefore more susceptible to hostile legal action and scams.

      The regulatory landscape for corporate ownership also changes on a nearly daily basis, with many players in the regulatory sphere publishing and changing numerous regulations on the go, with little to no time for consideration. The President, the Government and its many commissions and ministries and The Central Bank of Russia all regulate the corporate sector and financial markets by rolling out, amending and rolling back orders aimed at stabilizing the economy and retaliating against sanctions daily.

      In such a landscape, a competent, trusted, English-speaking team of lawyers having your back becomes more important than ever. Our lawyers are all of that and more, having specialized experience in Corporate, Real Estate and International law.

      Our extensive net of international partners allows us to protect your interests in most European and many Asian countries. It utilizes the expertise and practical skills of local lawyers in the most frequented jurisdictions, surmounting any travel restrictions.

      Our ability to work internationally and in foreign languages has been recognized by the embassies of Great Britain, Italy and Spain, listing us in the List of recommended lawyers.

      Some of our most in-demand services in this current crisis are:
      • Legal and accounting audit of property, asset, company, specifically in consideration of aforementioned new regulations;
      • Due diligence of foreign and internal contractors;
      • Full scale legal support for property sale and other contracts made in foreign currency;
      • Facilitation of delivery contracts adherent to sanctions and internal regulations.

      Additionally, we offer our services on a wide array of issues to do with financial markets, management, employment, inheritance, tax and customs law and many other areas.

      Our hourly rate is 150 EURO per hour.

      For certain services, it is possible to negotiate a fixed fee or a payment package comprised of a number of hours.