Law company CPO Group together with the Spanish government organization EXTENDA, is holding an online webinar

Topic: Participation of foreign persons in state procurement in the Russian Federation


Anna Konyaeva - Managing Partner of "CPO Group" LLC
Maxim Prokopenko - Procurement Specialist of "CPO Group" LLC

                                                                                     Webinar program

As part of the webinar, the speakers of the CPO group will cover the following issues:

1. General information for foreign suppliers. How to enter the Russian market using the mechanisms of state procuremen

– types of state procurement
– how to prepare and how to participate

2. Possibility of participation of foreign persons, legal restrictions

– forms of participation of foreign persons
– lists of products for which participation is possible
– legislative preferences for manufacturers of EURASEC countries,
– restrictions

3. Technical requirements for participation in state procurement

– what difficulties arise in practice
– which companies in Russia provide technical support to implement the opportunity to participate in procurement

4. Recommendations for entering the market
After the lecture, the participants can ask their questions to the speakers of the CPO group.
The webinar will be accompanied by simultaneous translation for English-speaking listeners, as well as a presentation in Russian and English.

July 8, 2021 at 10.30 am MSK
We invite you to join the webinar!
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